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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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we might escape some but later on things are going to pick up, here is pam. we have a lot of wet roads so definitely take it easy out there, we have that oil with the water mixing with some slick conditions. you can see traffic is just fine on the caldecott tunnel and traffic on the right-hand side as you make your way to the airport, no delays. let's go back to the desk. >> the storm could mean a lot of problems during your morning commute. we have live team coverage and mark is out at the richmond san rafael bridge where winds up to 45 miles per hour are expected but let's check in with claudine wong about flooding. >> yes, it is deceiving and we
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see a few drops, nothing major but we know how quickly things can change and this is one of the areas we watch for. we know this area is very prone to flooding. >> reporter: again, taking a look at traffic right now you can see things are moving very well along here and they were out here doing some cal trains work they were getting sandbags ready for business because they know that is also an area prone for flooding and all you can do when you know storms are coming you just prepare, prepare, prepare and you get the bags ready and when it comes you make sure you are on standby. i have to tell you with the last couple of seconds, it actually started to rain and
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i'm taking a look at the light fixture and you can see a decent amount started in the last couple of minutes. we will keep an eye on a the rain has begun to fall and we will check if people are out and keeping an eye on their store fronts downtown, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is expected to be a tough commute, mark joins us live from the san rafael bridge with that part of our storm coverage, mark? >> reporter: yes, claudine wong just mentioned some rain showers and here we have at the richmond san rafael bridge, we have been watching the roadways, everything is still dry but pattern changes are still going through over the next few hours. if we take a look at some of
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the flags over the toll plaza, we are expecting those winds to pick up so we will continue to keep an eye on the bay bridge span -- not bay bridge span, the richmond san rafael and that is a key bridge across the bay and that's for commuters and we will keep an eye on things over the next few minutes, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are urging people to stay away from the shoreline where it is expected to create large waves. boat owners are warned not to go out and make sure your vessels are securely anchored. they say it will be about a week before they can go back out in the water. >> everybody has been moving their gear further out and we are baiting it up real heavy because we know we will not be
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able to pull it for a while. >> meantime parts of san francisco remains closed. a public works spokesperson said they secured the hole that failed but they will delay efforts to clean the san. >> and also in daily city, a rupture compromised a water main break. bails of hay and mesh have been put in place and storm drains have been cleared to make sure the water has a place to go. stay tuned for monitoring conditions minute-by-minute on ktvu channel 2 morning news and mobile. and the fire started on a top floor of a home on capital just before 10:30 last night. there were several people inside at the time including
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young children. one young girl was treat ford smoke inhalation on the scene. nobody was hurt. they hit two buses and a car before flipping his own vehicle. it happened at russia and frog and we are told that the driver hit a stop sign and ploughed into immune any bus and hit a car. he managed to climb out and runaway before police arrived on the scene. none of the victims were up judd. they refused to turnover the phone even at gunpoint. the couple had video of the suspect driving erratically. one got into the car and wrestled with the husband before he was pushed out. the suspects shot at the car as it drove away. police later arrested the
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suspects just hours later. oakland has seen a spike in the number of burglaries as of this year. that is 33 burglaries a day or one every 3 minutes. two hot armed one big decision. they are flipped on which one should start the season and coach harbaugh has the final say. protesters are demanding better funding and chained their next to a building at uc berkeley. they left the hall at 9:40 after the school officials promised not to punish them. one of them said they need to
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recruit and enroll more minor tats. >> you call this progress and we are not satisfied with that. we are frustrated. >> protesters say they used to house multi- cultural center and it is empty and will be renovated in the spring. earlier we talked about the fog and now we are talking about the rain. >> as mark mentioned let's look outside at the east shore freeway. no problems at the mcarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems and it is smooth sailing in san francisco at this hour and 280 you can see traffic moving in both directions. let's go to see. well, it is actually
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merging and moving well in both directions. it comes in after 7:00 but between now and sunday a lot of rain could fall and winds will pick up later today, also the building surf. again if this system stalls out, today's system will be a fast mover but the heavier rain we will focus on the mountains and it is possible 10 plus inches could fall. it is too actually a good sign and we will pick up the two centers merging together and that's a sign of a rather strong system. we will start to see the rain picking up but the heaviest comes in and if we could leave now it is still offshore and the winds are picking up out of
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the south. we have a high wind warping. the system shows it will not last but it will blast through and after the noon hour we will wait for that next system to come in and that's the next one and that one could stall out. high winds kick in and that's where we get the moderate to heavy and by this afternoon we will be on the backside of that and we will taper off to turn more showery. but morning rain gives way to a must triday. many areas north and east bay will be fine and friday we will have more rain on the week condition. pam? new information about that tragic clothing factory fire in
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bangladesh. the 3 arrests and the three american names linked to the factory. and about pork what was found that could make you sick. >> >-.yĆ·$@y+o3vhpe
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. good morning, cloudy skies, but the main core of the system should be on your commute and that comes in, in a couple of hours and also the winds crank up. new information in connection with that tragic fire in bangladesh. three managers were arrested on suspicion of trapping workers and insisting it was just a drill. the arrests come as they continue to demand justice for
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the workers. and they found the workers killed in the factory fire were making clothing for wal-mart, disney and sears. they are connected to the retailers inside the burned factory. wal-mart admits to using the factory in the past but they were not aware that they were still making wal-mart clothing. susan rice will go back and meet with two more senators. she is now giving information on why she gave the wrong information and she didn't seem to win over john mccain and lindsay graham. they remain troubled by her comments. she remains the top candidate to replace hillary rodham clinton and if nominated she would have to be considered by the senate. they are trying avert the
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fiscal cliff and if presented they will -- prevented they will talk about the need for taxes going up. in the afternoon, president barack obama will meet with ceos with more than a dozen major u.s. companies including home depot and comcast. for only the 7th time in history, the president's swearing in date falls on a sunday and following tradition, president barack obama will privately take the oath of office on sunday january 20th and then the public inoculation will be -- inauguration will be sunday. he frequently visits the plaza and unusual charges started showing up on her husband's credit card several
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months ago. >> there was $700 at washington state. 2600 at mcdonald in nevada and $1.50 at embassy sweet and some -- suite and someplace i never heard of. >> the pub owner said he is spending $10,000 to upgrade his computer system and most of the banks had charges that were not theirs as well. and a shooter targeted a house filled with people including children. we will have more from gilroy. she was sexually abused in the $1,990. a science teacher she said abused her. now the $10 million suit was because they ignored her complaints about the abuse.
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two other similar women had similar complaints last month. a san mateo teacher found in a ravine was found to have died of natural causes. he was considered missing and they found him they said he had a heart attack and died of natural causes. he was a teacher in union city. the report says high levels of bacteria bought in pork and specialty stores. they tested 158 pork samples. nearly 70% tested positive for bacteria that causes food poisoning and several were resistant to antibiotics. they now have a 4th victim
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of mushroom poisoning. they ate mushroom soup at the gold age care facility. the investigators say the cook did not know they were poisous. the former giant slugger is set to appear on the ballot for the first time. now the three have been accused of using performance enhancing drugs. voting takes place next month and the results will be january 9th. and will it be alex smith? he will decide which men will be starting quarterback today before practice. he played well, suffered a concussion against the rams earlier this month. 9ers play this sunday. a little bit of a controversy, i guess. >> what isn't, just a little bit of light rain and let's go to tara and see how the traffic
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is forming. and we are saying it is not bad at all. winds could be an issue if you take a look at san mateo bridge, you can see traffic is flowing nicely but things are starting to pick up. at 680 at the sun sunol -- sunole grade, as you make your way towards fremont, no problems and headlights are westbound and moving well as you drive towards concord. the system is poised offshore, sprinkles out ahead of it so again the earlier the better 7:00 to 9:00 and that's when things will begin to crank up. and the key is not so much this sunday. if that one stalls out, there could be some heavy rain totals towards the rushing river and santa cruz mountains.
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the marin coast, we will keep an eye on that for you, looking north and especially towards the rushing river, it is light green but when you get yellow and red that is a big deal. mendocino county, things are beginning to pick up. the system has merged two parts of the system coming together and that's what will sweep on shore and the good news, it looks like a fast mover. we will get one to two inches of rain and by noon will be gon high wind warnings are out. for the morning, it is an event and watch how the cloud and rain forecast starts at 7:00 and 8:00 right there. that will be the worst time, by noon most of it is gone. it will still be a blustery day and we will still get some
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shower activity. high wind warnings are out. if you want to take the dog for a walk, do it now. it will be a good commute north bay in focus, we have another system coming in and that one takes aim at the santa cruz mountains and things start to wind down and sunday and monday looks dry. yesterday crews spend the day clearing storm drains to prevent them from clogging. today's exclusive interview, chris moore, the one thing he claims would have stopped him from stepping down. and it could be another natural disaster that concerns the current storm that it is causing, and it is still recovering from a wildfire.
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. we are learning new details about the shooting death of an officer. the man is accused of shooting the officer during a bank robbery. he testified smith stole $7,000 from the bank. a vallejo police officer heard
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three shots before finding the officer's body and the hearing continues today. only on 2. san jose's police chief is giving his decision of why he is stepping down after only two years on the job. chris moore is saying what would have made him stay. he said he would not be leaving after putting a sales tax initiative to help pay for more officers. >> for me, it is putting it on the ballot and if that tax measure was put on the ballot, and they decided not to fund it, that is a choice the taxpayers made but they never got the opportunity to vote on it. >> moore called it dire because of resignations. he also said nobody is interested intaking his job and they are holding four community meetings to get information on the police chief. they will feature a dazzling
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light show and we have an exclusive look. 125,000 lights will adorn the western span of the bay bridge and showing every changing patterns. it is designed by a new york artist and the privately donated $8 million installation will stay up for two years. the rain and traffic, what is the latest. >> the roadways are fairly clear, nothing passing out on the chp site and looking out at 101, you can see traffic is headed out at the airport, the folks are headed downtown. but the golden gate bridge, you can see with a little bit of midst is out there and nothing like the fog we saw a couple of
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days ago. 237 milpitas and traffic is making its way towards the west side. our system is beginning to move on shore. the heavier bands are still off the coast and if you can get out now, we might need a bulk of this system. it is also towards the marine bay. and the focus will be here as we head towards thursday and friday. it looks like a fast mover, that is the good news and it does not look like it will stall out. things are picking up in mendocino county and it is actually mentioning two systems into one developing at the same time and there is a lot here and as long as it keeps moving we should be on the backside of this. there will be moderate to heavy rain and it will not be selective and it will be all the way from ukiah to santa
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cruz, santa clara valley as well. we will give way to afternoon showers and there will be a distinct rain and then a break. that will come in and until thursday night, we will carry that into friday and a stronger system may take more of a focus on the santa cruz mountains. plymouth county, some other residents are concerned. crews removed trees created by the chips fire all in preparation for today's expected heavy rainfall. people on the canyon, other predict the river will rise and don't think mudslides are likely. coming up next, dangerous times for people without a job. how the fiscal cliff could
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affect long time benefits right here in california. plus the rain started falling, and the traffic troubled spots where the storm is right now. we are storm watch, stay with us.
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